Bajirao Mastani Teaser 

It’s here and it’s here to stay! Bajirao Mastani Teaser is a chapter straight out of history books presenting the grandeur, politics and love of a king and his wife. The music captures your senses from the word go and we see flashes of Deepika and Ranveer at different places doing the same thing. Bajirao Mastani Teaser is more like a build up for the epic movie this one is gradually turning out to be. Snajay Leela Bhansali has definitely given in his blood, sweat and every ounce of his creative spirit to do justice to this great Maratha King. Priyanka Chopra looks stunning (we don’t get to see much of her though). Yet again it’s the awesome, fun couple of Bollywood Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh who steal the show here! Bajirao Mastani is definitely going to show a very serious side of Bollywood’s naughty boy Ranveer Singh.

Looking at the trailer, we can only imagine how grand and expensive making the movie must have been. This has been Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s dream project for years now. From Aishwarya to Salman and from Kareena to Bipasha, every possible popular actor of his/her time has been considered for this film. It ultimately landed in the hands of these three and we are sure they can’t thank their stars enough for the golden opportunity. It’s probably the first time we will get to watch Deepika performing some high-end action sequences. What is it that thsi girl CANNOT do?! And then there is Ranveer! From watching him do all those loud, high-on-action and sound kind of roles; it’s going to be quite a shocker to watch this guy as a patient and a poised king. The amount of dedication all the three actors have put in the project is visible in the trailer.

December seems too far suddenly! Bajirao Mastani, we cannot wait any longer!


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