Game Of Thrones Season 6 Set Photos


GoT Season 6 is just round the corner and the curiosity keeps rising by the minute. In a time like this, the media plays a crucial role by finding videos and images that may not only provide the much needed dose of GoT, but may also help us build theories on what we must expect in the upcoming season.

These Game of Thrones Season 6 set photos are just what you need while you restlessly wait for the new season to kick start. If you think that it is only going to be about watching your favourite actors dressed as the characters they play then you are highly mistaken. There is a lot going on the background. Each photo has a story to share. And each story is capable enough of birthing some of the most potent theories for Season 6.

Have a look at these Game of Thrones Season 2 set photos and decide.


1This is one image we do not understand!

After the Dothrakis surrounded Khaleesi, this is one image that raises too many eyebrows. Emilia Clarke is exploring the wild with these men. But what is surprising are the reports claiming Jason Momoa was spotted there. Now with these costumes it is just so hard to tell! Is it the present or a flash back, we don’t know.

Image Source


2The image that gives out so much

Yes it is ruined and may not find your particular interest, but here’s why you must look into it. The ruins are playing host to Peter Dinklage and the Dothrakis have shot scenes there too. Does that mean Tyrion and Khaleesi fight it off?

Image Source


3When a politician was smitten by Game of Thrones

To the great dislike of the cast and crew, politician James Costos posted this photo on Twitter and said he was watching the filming of the series. Notice the smoke? Dragons!

Image Source


4Our girl Arya Stark

This one broke our hearts. How much does she have to go through? Parents gone, family gone, home gone and now eyesight gone. She seems to be struggling in that water.

Image Source


5This one!

The tower of Joy; the one place where it all comes down to! Goosebumps!

Image Source


6What Castle is that?

We aren’t sure either. This could be one of those that pops out of the blue and adds to the tension. Could it be Riverun?

Image Source

7This one gave us intense feels

And Cersei Lannister is back with “The Mountain”. We don’t even know what to expect, too much running in the head. But she sure will raise hell!

P.S: We love the pixie!

Image Source


8Now that is impossible!

Yeah it is! It is not some scene from the series. Just a fun photo shoot! Look at the pretty ladies chilling!! What is down there?

Image Source


9Sansa’s hiding place?

They say this new castle is a part of Winterfell and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) was spotted on the sets. One plus one!

Image Source


10And we thought it was real!

Well it is real and is located in Ireland. But this image puts the illusion to rest. What a fantastic set this one!

Image Source


11WHAT THE…..!

Isn’t she dead? What the hell is happening?

Image Source


12The one that robbed us of our sleep

He is alive and wearing the Stark armour *doing the happy dance*
Oh wait! Is that the Red woman under the umbrella?

Image Source


They say Winter is Coming. We say, Winter is Running and approaching us at a bullet’s speed!


Have you come across any recent game of Thrones Season 6 set photos that you’d like to share with us?

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