18 Images Show How Love is in Little Things


Grafolio, an online an online forum featuring works of artists, presented this heartwarming work by a Korean artist called Puuung. We often talk about how Love must be divine, must transport you to another world and all of that jazz. Well, for those who know Love and what it does to life know, that Love doesn’t need to have a “certain magnitude of excellence’ to prove things. Love is felt in the smallest of actions and in the most humble surroundings. Love doesn’t need to be big and prolific; it needs to be gentle and pure. Highlighting this wonderful thought, artist Puuung created these beautiful illustrations of what Love is actually like. It’s also a big wake up call for most of us who define Love only within the boundaries of expensive gifts and lavish dinners. Love is about cooking together, doing your own thing sitting next to each other and spending a day at the park together chasing butterflies. Love is just about being there. Puuung’s Facebook page has a sweet message for all of us. He says,

“Love’ is something that everybody can relate to. And ‘Love’ comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artworks.”

His drawings will make your day, we promise!


1Somebody to wake you up like that!

Grafolio - Love in waking your loved one

2Watching a movie!

Love is in Little Things like watching a movie Together

3Love is deciding who will do the dishes! *Aww*

who will do the dishes

4Lazy Hugs!

Love is in Little Things like Lazy hugs

5Cooking together!

Love is in Little Things like cooking together

6*Dreamy eyes*

Love is in Little Things like cuddling


Love is in Little Things like daily works

8Celebrating together!

Love is in Little Things Celebrating Together

9And this too!

Love is in Little Things like tying her hair

10You know it’s Love!

Grafolio (Puuung) draws forehead kissing

11A morning like this!

Grafolio (Puuung) - waking up together

12And evenings like this!

Grafolio (Puuung) Lazy Evening

13Love is to Care

Grafolio (Puuung) Love is to show your care

14And holding hands!

Grafolio (Puuung) Love is in holding Hands

15Love is in the eyes!

Grafolio (Puuung) Love is in the eyes

16Playing games!

Grafolio (Puuung) Love is playing games together

17Dance! Always brings lovers closer!

Grafolio (Puuung) Love is in dancing together

18The bliss of riding bikes in the parks!

Grafolio (Puuung) Love is in riding a bike at park

Love is all these things and so much more, isn’t it?

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