Fangirl Quest Girls Travel To Filming Locations

Tiia Öhman and Satu Walden literally managed to take Fangirl Quest to the next level. Both have always loved travelling and photography. And then these two stumbled upon a place that was the filming location of a popular series; what they did next is nothing short of genius! They managed to bring about the perfect amalgamation of travelling, photography and entertainment all in one snap! These two started a travel blog and posted these images. Fangirl Quest is absolutely creative and visually stunning. It’s a perfect lesson for most photographers on how a simple concept could really make all the difference. These two friends embark on the journey in their quest to locate every popular filming location and then superimpose the images from the series/movies over the location aligning every little detail.

It’s also such a refreshing thought and change for all the viewers who have been tired watching the same kind of “nature images” on Instagram for ages now. This could be the new trend for several fans now. It’s so unique!

Fangirl Quest is geeky and smart!


1Game of Thrones

Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

2Breaking Bad

To’hajiilee Indian Reservation, NM, USA

3The Walking Dead

Atlanta, Georgia

4Doctor Who

Chepstow Castle, Wales


Church of St. Hillary, Wales

6Harry Potter

Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, UK

7Downton Abbey

Bampton, UK

8Batman Begins

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, UK


Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC, Canada

10The Avengers

Grand Central Terminal, NY, US

11Thor: The Dark World

Old Royal Naval College, London, UK

12Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Old Royal Naval College, London, UK

Fangirl Quest really makes you want to pack your bags and leave.

You can check more such images on their website FanGirl Quest

h/t: MyModernMet

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