A Hilarious Video On What It Is Like Being In A Group Chat

    What it is like being in a group chat
    What it is like being in a group chat

    What It Is Like Being In A Group Chat


    This has to be the most uproarious piece of reality we have ever come across! We all love group chats and interacting with everyone at the same time, but it’s different for every person. College Humor made this epic video on what it is like being in a Group Chat; it is so believable and befitting, you cannot help but laugh at the cleverness of it all. If you have ever been a part of a group chat and found it annoying sometimes, you are in for a treat here. What it is like being in a group chat is intriguing, hilarious and honest in your face.

    It’s one of those videos that any and every person hailing from possibly a distant part of the world will also be able to relate to it. Whether it’s a family chat or with friends, group chats have now become the new trend and the recipe for disaster. With everyone consistently blabbering, it’s almost like you are left in room where everyone’s consistently talking with you or at you. As if this isn’t enough there is always somebody new joining the group and adding to the confusion. You often find yourself putting the group on mute for as long as you can to avoid all the madness. The next thing you know, there are over a hundred messages on your whatsapp that you haven’t read. The video hilariously portrays the sorry state of anyone who is a part of such groups and doesn’t really find the time or the interest to respond to such messages. It has received a lot of likes and love on social media.

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    Source: CollegeHumor