Fan Ho Gaya By Shahrukh Khan Is The Most Beautiful Way To Promote Fan

I am still jittery after watching Fan ho gaya by Shahrukh Khan. Fans, we all claim to be; Fans of politicians, actors, dancers, singers, models,sportsmen and every other person under the sun. We often feel that we are ordinary as “fans”. But the point is ordinary is special! It is us who make these actors, singer, politicians etc feel so special. We are the ones who bring them up to stardom and make them believe that they are doing something right.

Fan ho gaya by Shahrukh Khan is a beautiful story of some of the maddest fans in our country. It tells you why madness is infectious and why everyone won’t understand it to its fullest extent. It isn’t something that every other person understands. It is only meant for those who share similar feelings. The video gets into the skin of such fans while they narrate their inspiring stories with the world.

We have seen several promotional videos for films, but Fan Ho gaya by Shahrukh Khan is a master stroke. He puts the fans on the forefront instead of hogging the limelight himself. He understands the minute nuances of the film and knows what the subject requires. Yash Raj Films have always come up with some of the best film promotions techniques, but this is pure gold.

It helps every fan connect to these people. It tells them why loving any star to this point of madness isn’t wrong even if people make you feel so. This has to be one of the most memorable videos we have seen lately. The best part is that this is only the first part of the video. Yes, there is/are more coming up and we cannot wait to see what they are going to be like.

Way to go Shahrukh, picture abhi baki hai!


Source: YRF

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