15 Most Iconic Harry Potter Movie Set Photos That Will Make You Nostalgic

    Harry Potter cast behind the scenes

    Harry Potter Movie Set Photos


    Harry Potter will never be out of action. And now with J.K. Rowling announcing the eight book things have got even better. Just like the books; Harry Potter movies have also been a crucial part of our lives. It is something else to watch the book come alive on screen. We bring to you some of the most iconic Harry Potter movie set photos. These will put you in an unavoidable nostalgia, but will also surprise you.

    The Harry Potter movie set photos aren’t just beautiful but also extremely paradoxical in nature. How else do you explain Dumbledore and Voldemort sitting like muggles and having a word? The photos actually give you a sense of reality and it sort of hits us hard. While we struggle to stay intrinsically connected to Harry Potter; these images crumble the idea of Hogwarts right before us. And yet, there is something sublime and beautiful about these images that can only be experienced when you see them.

    The world of Potter is so different from the Muggle reality we are exposed to *sigh*


    We miss our Severus Snape

    Harry Potter Movie Set Photos

    Who would even try to use a hammer to hit him in the movie?

    Ralph Fiennes Voldemort


    Out of character, are we?

    Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe

    When Nagini is just a plastic snake on a stick!

    Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter


    I’ll do a Hermoine, first get me a coffee!

    Helena Bonham Carter


    Fitting 200 people in a tent like a boss with all those cameras



    Touching up those injuries

    Rupert Grint Ronald Weasley


    When you realize that Dobby is just a plastic doll *sobs*

    DObby harry Potter


    “So I flick the wand first or you will, sir?”

    Michael Gambon Ralph Fiennes

    Yup he had a body double

    Daniel Radclifee body double in harry potter


    So did Ron

    Rupert Grint Body Double


    And Hermione had several

    Emma Watson Body double harry potter


    “Can I take that home?”

    Neville Longbottom Matthew Lewis


    It is freaking cold!

    harry potter behind the scenes


    Say Cheese! Oh! The Paradox here!

    Harry Potter cast behind the scenes


    All images Sourced from Harry Potter fans and acid cow (You can check out many more Harry Potter movie set images on these sites).