Parle G Biscuit Desserts 2

Parle G Biscuit Desserts

We know that it probably sounds insane, but believe us, a Parle G biscuit isn’t just the best companion of tea! It can be used up to make a quick delicious dessert that will leave your family and friends craving for more. So from the incredible digging that we did, we found gold hidden everywhere over the internet. We have put together some of the best Parle G biscuit desserts for you to try at home. These are quick, easy and ‘oh-so-delicious’. Happy baking!

The Five-Minute Yum Cake

Feels good on the eyes, even better on the tongue. This five minute Parle G biscuit cake can easily give every other dessert a run for its money.

Parle G Biscuit DessertsImage Source

Click HERE for the recipe.

Parle G and Hide ‘n’ Seek Cake

The simple flavours of Parle G cut into the gooey, chocolate of Hide ‘n’ Seek biscuits. This is the ultimate Biscuit cake dream on a plate!

Parle G Biscuit Desserts 1Image Source

Find the incredible recipe HERE

The Healthy Cheesecake

Ever thought you could mix up Parle G biscuits with red beans and come up with an incredibly well made cheesecake? Try this!

Parle G Biscuit Desserts 2Image Source

Get the dope recipe HERE

Parle G Dry Fruit Swiss Roll

This is probably one of the best Parle G biscuit desserts we have seen by far. The ‘something different’ is right here!

Parle G Biscuit Desserts 3Image Source 

Find the recipe HERE

The Christmas Cake

The festival is all about desserts. But everyone’s done with the regular plum, cook up this unique cake and surprise them!

Parle G Biscuit Desserts 4Image Source

Get the recipe HERE

If you know of any more Parle G biscuit desserts share your recipe in comments and we will put it up!

For now, try these novel versions of the humble biscuits and let us know if it worked out for ya!

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