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Surat is not only the land of textile and diamonds as popularly known in the country. It is the heaven for foodies. No matter what part of the country you hail from, Surat food dishes will never disappoint you in terms of flavour and innovation. They are simple and yet delectable. You have probably been there on business several times, but never got around to exploring the food culture of the city. You need not worry any more; we have compiled some of the most popular Surat food dishes in a list here. Give it a look! Happy eating!


Agreed that it’s one of the most popular dishes all over Gujarat, but nothing close to what is served in Surat. It’s healthy, spicy and just the kind of food you need during winters. It’s the epitome of Gujarati comfort food.

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2Surti Sev Khamani

Again, you will find it everywhere in Gujarat! But nobody can match the “big daddy” of Sev Khamani: Surat! The sweet taste, the crispy sev, the burst of little pomegranate pearls in your mouth, that’s heaven on a plate!

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Soft pillow-ly sweetness packed with flavour will leave you panting for more. Whoever came up with the term foodgasm, must have coined it after having a ghari. Try the Gharis at Shah Jamnadas C. Ghariwala.

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4Surti Locho

Only available there! Please, DO NOT try it anywhere else. There is something insanely awesome about having an authentic Surti Locho in Surat. Try it at Jani Locho House.

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5Dumas Beach Tomato Bhajiya (Fritters)

What does one need while you are staring into the widespread waters on a beach? Some hot bhajiyas, right? Try out the bhajiyas at Dumas beach. They are worth every penny.

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6Mawa Kulfi

Fresh, yummy and creamy; mawa kulfi at Gangour in Surat is a paradise for all kulfi lovers. They have an array of kulfis, we love the mawa and strawberry on the best.

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7Rasawala Khaman

So you must have tried khamans before, but this new variation to the popular Gujarati snack is going to blow your mind. Topped with a delicious ras (sauce), Jalaram Rasawala Khaman at Chowk Bazaar is a must try!

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Who doesn’t love some yumazing parathas for a breakfast or dinner? Loaded with butter and stuffed with veggies, parathas are India’s answer to delicious breakfast. Try the parathas at Krishna Parathas in Piplod, Surat.

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9Aloo Puri

Deep fried puris topped with potatoes, chutneys, onions and lots of other savoury goodiness, aloo puri at Rander is to die for. It’s a must have!

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Steamed rice flour topped with oil and pickle masala is what khichu is. There is a variety of taste and toppings available at Surat! It’s one of the most healthyt Gujarati snacks. Try it at any of the Khichu wagons.

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You can have the best cocktails/mocktails in the world, but nothing comes close to this baby. It has the perfect taste of a rum, whisky and soda all clubbed into one. Rumors say that it is banned in the rest of the state or that its intake has crashed, but rest assured you will ALWAYS find it in Surat. It’s the best accompaniment to your meal.

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12Ponk vadas

Surtis are crazy after ponk and any dish that uses ponk as one of the ingredients. The perfectly crispy Jowar grain bhajiyas (fritters) are a rage there in winters. Club that with tangy mint chutney and you are good to go.

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13Ice Dish

There are ice lolies, there are golas and then there is this beauty. Ice dish at Back Street of Batar offers a reprised, soothing version of ice that hasn’t been explored as much in India. The syrups, fry fruits and flavours all on ice, you don’t need to wait for heaven anymore!

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14Cold Coco

A-One is popular across all youngsters and elder alike. Courtesy their chocolaty, milky cold coco that is a chocolate goodness even Nutella will drool over. Try it without fail

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15Surati Khaja

So there is a sweet version to this dish and a savoury one too. Try both. Pick out any popular shop in the Bhagal area in Surat and you will not regret having it.

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Ganda kaka na fafda is a food stall that rings the taste buds of the entire city! Try out his fafdas and jalebis, it’s out of the world!

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17Nan Khatai

Agreed it is available everywhere, but the source is Surat. Tourists get oodles of nan khatais packed when they leave from the city. Worth a try, no?

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18Collegian Chaat

It’s on the list of every student in Surat. Packed with roasted peanuts and the quintessential sev, collegian chaat is delicious and total paisa vasool snack.

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What else to try?

DO NOT forget to visit and try all items at their “Foothpath Eateries”. Surat has a unique concept of sitting by the footpath and enjoying delicious dishes in the evenings.


Told you, Surat food dishes are worth a shot!

If you think we missed out on any, comment in the section and we will add it!

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