Surat Is The Best City


If you thought Gujarat is all about Ahmedabad then you are highly mistaken! Surat, one of Gujarat’s best cities has qualities that cannot only give Ahmedabad but several other metor cities a run for their money. Surat is the best city to live in from several points of view. If you think you “know-it-all” about Gujarat and Surat, you are going to love this article. It’s peppy, it’s popular, it’s peaceful and it’s unforgettable. Presenting, 10 reasons why Surat is the best city.


1It has been ranked as India’s best city to live in both from the quantity and quality point of view.

Surat Is The Best City

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2Have you tasted the food at Surat? Whether it is their “undhiyu”, “ghesh”, “ghaari” or “sutarfeni” Surat never disappoints foodies no matter what part of the world they hail from.

Surat Is The Best City bcoz of its food

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3It’s one of the best places for business. The whole of Gujarat is actually. Start ups, this is where you’d want to be.

Surat Is The Best City for business

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4It’s peaceful. For all those of you who think Gujarat is communally bent, that’s only Ahmedabad and Baroda, not Surat.

AHmedabad is safe as compared to other cities

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5Its people! Heartwarming, kind, supportive and cool! Surat and its people never disappoint!

Heartwarming Surat people make the Best City

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6Surat has the best climate in all of Gujarat! It’s never too hot or freezing-ly cold.

Sure best city with best climate

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7The beaches! Who doesn’t like beaches? Surat has ample of beaches in and around it. Visit, relax and enjoy.

Surat has decent number of beaches as well

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8Job prospects! Surat is industrially very active. From ONGC to Reliance and from HP to GAI, it has all big corporate houses.

Job Prospects in surat

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9Just like Ahmedabad, Surat too doesn’t suffer from an electricity or water problem. It’s all sorted!

Ahmedabad Rock because of non stop electricity

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10Fashion! Girls Surat has the kind of fashion sense that can put several other cities to shame. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed!

Fashion in Surat

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So when are you moving to Surat?

If you think we have missed out on any points on why Surat is the best city, share in comments.

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  • Kevin Patel

    One of the most amazing thing u hav forgotten to tell that street food of surat is one of the most amazing foodiee carts

  • Maharshi Jariwala

    Proud to be a surti……