Restaurants in Thailand

Restaurants in Thailand


Lately, Thailand has turned out to be the new vacation and business destination for a lot of Indians. We also saw how recently a highway is now open between and India and Thailand that gives us a perfect excuse for a chill road trip. Thai food is also very close to Indian cuisine as several ingredients are the same and therefore they suit our taste buds. Since their cuisine suits our palate very well, it provides an added reason to visit this beautiful place. Moreover, a lot of Indians have settled there and thus there is a sense of familiarity both in the culture and the food. Since travel and food always go hand-in-hand, we bring you six restaurants that you must visit when you visit Thailand. Believe us these are some of the best out of the lot. You can thank us later!


This one is the temple of lip-smacking cuisine. It is marked as the best restaurant in Thailand and ranks first among the best restaurants in Asia. The setting, the ambience and the overall feel is just beautiful. Most of the recipes are drawn from the oldest, most authentic cookbooks of Thailand. Their Guinea fowl curry with shampoo ginger and holy basil is a must try.


It is no news that Indians love Thai cuisine these days and similarly people from Thailand find Indian food suiting their palate very well. Gaggan is all about Indian food with a modern twist. From the presentation of the food, the tsunami of flavours in every single bite and the ambience make for a perfect evening spent well. Their Papdi chaat 2050 is magic on a plate!


Just like there is Gaggan representing modern Indian cuisine, there is Sra Bua serving modern Thai cuisine. It’s extremely bold in terms of the flavours and twists it offers in every dish. The place is run by a Danish chef. His Tom kha (chicken soup) with pickled mushrooms is lip smackingly delicious.


Talk about bold, unapologetic Thai flavours and this is the place to be. The ambience is ridiculously beautiful and it is located in Bangkok’s exclusive Sukhumvit district. It’s absolutely authentic and true to it’s Thai flavours and will leave you asking for more. Their Red curry of duck with wintermelon will leave you asking for more.



Delicious modern Thai food again! Apart from the heavenly food, the biggest sell out here is the location. The place is a luxurious villa in Bangkok and the interiors will just takes your breath away. Their Banana blossom and heart of palm salad, crispy shallots and roasted peanuts in chilli jam dressing is heaven served in a plate. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Thailand.



Talk about international flavour combinations and this should be your stop. The food is excellent and the flavours burst in the mouth leaving your palate absolutely satisfied. Their Foie gras torchon with mango chilli compôte and crispy puffed rice is what food dreams are made of.

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