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We all love McDonalds and the overall feel of that place. While the kids may love their Happy Meals; for the youngsters it’s all about the burgers and the fun chat with friends. Many claim that the McDonalds India Menu is unique and delicious with its unique Indian flavours for certain burger patties. Agreed! But there are items in other McDonalds chains (globally) that aren’t a part of McDonalds India Menu. Judging the kind of taste most Indians have; we are sure that there are items that could be a hit in India. designed these posters of food items that are available in other McDonalds’ chains and must definitely enter the McDonalds India Menu.

Given that McDonalds has experimented with it’s menus several times, we are hoping that at least some of these items are included in the McDonalds India Menu. From starters to a proper meal, this lists includes everything that one might want McDonalds to include. What we loved the most are the variety of desserts. We personally feel that McDonalds India menu doesn’t offer too many dessert options focusing only on ice creams. we’d do anything to have a warm apple pie at the outlet. This is just a compressive view into what kind of food items Indians would love to try at McDonalds. If you think there are several others that you have tried in another country, feel free to put it up in the comments section. We hope someone from McDonalds is tagged in the comments section of this post. It would make it easier to pass on the message and treat our tummies with some wonderful delights.

Get ready to drool!

Cherry porridge must be included in McDonalds India Menu

Chicken Mega mac must be included in McDonalds India Menu
Orange Pie must be included in McDonalds India Menu
McArabia Chicken must be included in McDonalds India Menu
Apple Pie must be included in McDonalds India
Dernmarks Chilli Cheese Tops Mcdonalds Item
Germany White Chocolate Mcdonalds Item
UK's Grilled Chicken and bacon salad
Morocco Mandise Mcdonalds Item
China's Burned Chicken Mcmuffin
USA's strawberry creampie Mcd food
Germany McToast Chocolate
USA's fruit and yogurt mcd Item
Fish Fingers International Food Item
Kit Kat Mcflurry McDonalds Australia Menu
Cheddar Melts McDonalds UK Menu

Okay! We are hungry now! *rushes to the nearest McDonalds branch*

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