Home News This Dilwale Engineering Trailer Is The Funniest Thing You Will Watch Today

This Dilwale Engineering Trailer Is The Funniest Thing You Will Watch Today

Dilwale Engineering Trailer Spoof
Dilwale Engineering Trailer

Dilwale Engineering Trailer 


Engineers find a way with everything! Whether it is building houses or relating to movies, these guys know that they are into everything. Look at this epic Dilwale engineering trailer for example. This is probably the funniest take on Dilwale trailer by anyone. While all of us were desperately waiting for this trailer no one anticipated this!

The video talks about how it would be if there was a Dilwale engineering trailer. It doesn’t only appeal to the engineering students or graduates, but to anyone who has been a college student. Lately we have seen several hilarious takes on Bollywood from an engineer’s point of you, but this one is epic. We are sure that if Shahrukh and team Dilwale was to look at this Dilwale engineering trailer, they’d burst out laughing. Every dialogue and has been changed to suit the subject at hand and we must say that it’s extremely creative. The video was uploaded a while ago and has gone viral within minutes.

From Facebook the video has now found its way on every social media platform. The video has got rave reviews by everyone. Dilwale engineering trailer is a miniscule window for you to understand the problem of every engineering student in a humourous way. Engineering and Bollywood have had a long relationship now and videos like these add to the cementing of this relationship. After 3 Idiots we feel India needs one more fun film on engineering that depicts the honest encounters of the students.

With the kind of mixed opinions Dilwale trailer has received, you will almost wish that this was the actual trailer. Yup, it’s that good! And don’t just watch it, tag all your engineer friends and spread the laughter.

This Dilwale engineering trailer is a super hit!



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