Gujarati Desserts


We often try to learn and try out dishes from other countries without actually realizing how rich our own country’s cuisine is. Take Gujarat for example. The country only sees it as dhiklas and fafdas, but there is so much more to this state! Gujarat serves some of the best desserts in the country and the world (we dare say!). Get ready for a lip smacking ride. These Gujarati desserts are not only delicious; most of them are actually very healthy too. If you ever visit Gujarat and do not try these famous Gujarati Desserts, it’s a waste!



Top this with some rich ghee and sugar and that’s heaven on your plate. It’s very healthy too!

Source : AwesomeCuisine

2Gol Papdi

Easy to prepare and delicious, one cannot go wrong with this one!


Milk, sugar, dry fruits and rice; Gujarati version of kheer.


You can never have enough of this Gujarati Dessert!

Source : FarsanKart


Not tasting this is a sin!

Source : Festivals.ILoveIndia

6Faada Lapsi

An absolute must!

Source : WeRecipes

7Kaju Katri

We don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love this one!

Source : RecipeCurry


Soft, crunchy, tempting!

Source : SukhadiaSweetsChicago


The healthier, tastier, better version of your age old ladoo

Source : VegIndianRecipe


You will find this one round the year in most houses.

Source : wikipedia


Made from desiccated coconut, sugar and lots of other goodies, this one’s a winner!

Source :


Traditional Gujarati weddings are incomplete without this one.

Source : GujaratiRecipes


Simple, sweet aate ka halwa!

Source : JainRasoi


A very popular sweet snack in Gujarat

Source : PatelTrading


Some call it the King of Gujarati Desserts! Must try!

Source : PrashantCorner

Sweet tooth in action!

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