Epic One Liners


Everyone loves a great sense of humour and witty comebacks. One Liners are the in thing and the living definition of anyone’s comic timing. There is a whole world out there that could serve you hilarious One Liners at the drop of a hat. We narrowed down ten of these that we thought are epic. If you have heard them before, well it’s no harm to laugh again. If you haven’t; you are in for a treat!

Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S would be so proud of us today. We are giving out to the world what he was expert at! He is the boss ultimately, but these one liners are so epic, we know he would have had the tendency to use them too. You won’t only have fun reading these one liners; we guarantee you will have the tendency to use them at the first chance you get. Who doesn’t like using such smart one liners? They are cool, witty, smart and never go overboard. One liners may not be everyone’s piece of cake, but sarcasm and wittiness entertain everyone. the purpose of this article is to do the same. We just want to give out popular one liners that can change and uplift anyone’s mood in a conversation. There are several available over the internet and we have brought in 11 of the most interesting and humorous ones today.

The best quality about one liners is the fact that they manage to give out a lot more in very few words. That is the beauty! The ability to use less words to generate maximum effects is not everyone’s piece of cake. But out here, we have managed to do just that.

Read and have a good laugh. These One Liners will surely uplift your mood.


Epic One Liners


Epic One Liners on war


happiness related epic one liners


Epic One Liners


one Liners on girls that are epic


Smart and witty one liners


Smart and witty one liners


One Liners That Are Witty, Smart


Epic and funny one liners.


Funny and witty one liners


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