Gujarati Mechanic Designed An AC Sofa


A sofa isn’t something that excites us. It’s a usual everyday routine. But then came in a genius! A Gujarati Mechanic Designed An Ac Sofa and changed the game for all of us.


Dashrath Patel, a simple repairman, had designed this sofa a few years back but it weighed 175 kg. Later, NID (National Institute of Design) helped him out with it.


He had heard of Design Clinic Scheme of MSME Ministry and asked for help. They did and the weight of the sofa was brought down to 35kg. Ankit Vyas, an alumnus of NID, helped him in his endeavour.

Gujarati Mechanic Designed An AC Sofa

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The sofa works just like a split AC and the hand rest part of the sofa can be used to control the air flow.


The safe can run on a fan mode. One can increase/decrease the temperature and it consumes 10% less electricity than a normal AC tower.

Gujarati Mechanic Designed An AC Sofa

The only issue is the price since it’s around Rs 1-1.5 lakh. Currently it can be used by hotels and offices.


This Gujarati Mechanic Designed an AC Sofa and surely made the state/country proud. Such a cool invention this one!


What this man has done has put Gujarat on the block and shown how we can also be the hub for creating something unique and useful. Kudos to the students of NID who used their ideas and designs to help this man achieve his goal and surprise the nation with his brilliant idea and execution. We are assuming that the sofa would usually be used in offices and high end apartments. We are waiting for it to hit the market so that we at least get a chance to give it a look. Very well done!

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