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25 Thoughts Women Have When They Get Their Period

Women Period
Thoughts While in periods

Thoughts Women Have When They Get Their Period


Yes, yes it’s important and live cannot evolve if this didn’t happen, but that’s not how we (women) see periods. It’s annoying, irritating and downright detestable! And no matter if a woman has been getting her period for decades or a few months, I guarantee every woman has had these 25 thoughts when she gets her period. We could have missed out on a couple of them, if we have, you can share in comments. These thoughts are in no particular order and are just thrown in randomly by me. Presenting, that one element that every woman fears every month; Period and every random thought attached to it.


1What? Why Now?

Women irregular Menstruation

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2I have a presentation at work today!


3These pants don’t fit now! Arggh! I wish I could wear PJs at work!

Woman Period Sweatpants

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4What if they figure out, I am menstruating?!


5Wow! I ran out of tampons/pads!

Ran out of tampons

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6F**k you human race! I don’t want this!


7Cramps, Cramps, Cramps!

Women Period Cramps

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8Why is it so bad this time?! Why do I always say this?


9No wonder I was so annoyed the entire week!

Frustrated and angry While Menstruating

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10I need a pill!


11Ah! Men! You lucky Bast@3ds!


12But I don’t want to be a man. I am luckier.


13Except for the period part!

Immense Pain in Uterus, PMS

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14When will this be over!


15And it royally ruined my weekend plans!

Weekend Ruined coz of menstruation

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16I am not going to think about it.


17God, it doesn’t work!

Extreme PMS Pain

Source : popxo

18Cramps, Cramps, Cramps!


19I don’t want to get out of bed!
Rest in Menstruation

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20Hot Water Bag!


21I hope I don’t stain the sheets tonight!

Thought Process in Period

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22Okay so I am not pregnant! Yaaay!


23But, Ouch!

Women Menstruation pain

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24Leave me alone!


25No, don’t touch me! Just stay off!

Women periods Suicidal tendency

Source : Elite Daily

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