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Hodor Is Dead And Bran Can Time Travel

Hold the door. Hold the Door. Hold Door. Hodor!

In an unfortunate turn of events, our beloved gentle giant is no more. And while we may take a while to get over this fact, there is a lot of explaining and revealing that needs to be done. More than any of that, we need to dissect and find out the exact truth about Hodor. So here’s the big thing Hodor is dead and Bran can time travel. And although these might look like two separate things they are intrinsically associated.

So what really happened?

Ever since we saw Hodor in season one all of us had the same question; what really happened to him? Why just Hodor and nothing else? Now in the last scene of “The Door’s” episode, Bran is using his Greenseer powers with the help of which he visits the past and has visions of the future. As usual Bran is on his past visions again with the three-eyed Raven and this time he sees a vision of his father, Ned Stark, along with Hodor in the background.

Now right in that moment the White Walkers attack the cave where Bran is living in the present. The three-eyed Raven and Meera ask Bran to ‘warg’ into Hodor’s mind (an added quality he has apart from Greenseer). He had used this power before to get into Hodor’s body to get him to do what he wanted him to do. While most have the power in the show to do the same on animals, Bran can do it on humans as well, especially Hodor.

Now this time while he begins to warg into Hodor’s, he is also in the past where Hodor is with Ned Stark. Therefore Bran is controlling Hodor in the present while he is revisiting the past. The ‘past Hodor’ hears Meera Reed saying “Hold the Door, Hold the Door” and that gets shortened in “Hodor”! This becomes the only thing he can say for the rest of his life.

So by holding control of Hodor’s mind in the present, his screwed up his mind decades before in the past. So Bran is responsible for the destruction of Hodor’s mind. He created ‘Hodor’.

As painful as this might be for Bran and the rest of us, this has definitely turned down one of the biggest fan theories that of Hodor being a warg and he put his consciousness in the horse that Lyanna Stark was abducted on and when that horse was killed, Hodor became how we have known him all this while. That theory is now officially out of the window. Now since Hodor is dead and Bran can time travel, we’d definitely like to revisit this statement:

“For Bran, it presents a humongous kind of challenge, because we all know from Doctor Who that if you start messing with time, things go wrong. I think the temptation now is definitely there.”

That’s a quote by Isaac Hampsted-Wright (the actor who plays Bran). What looked like a random comment back then holds a deeper influence now. This surely goes out to show that Bran cannot only revisit the past but also change it! He obviously cannot turn it all around, but we do know that he can make his presence felt like he did when he called out to his father at the Tower of Joy. Now this means he cannot bring Ned Stark back to life but he can definitely change the way events lead to his execution.

For now Hodor is dead and Bran Stark can time travel but,

Now if he can make himself known in the past, there is a high chance Bran could be secretly manipulating everything that we have seen on the show until now. WHAAAAT???!

In other words, Bran is responsible for everything that has happened on the show by far. HOLY SHIT!

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