Simple Life Pleasures


Life’s so weird! We all work hard; earn money, all because we want to enjoy certain pleasures of life. But then, most of us are already surrounded by simple Life Pleasures that we do not notice, because well, that’s not what we are looking for!

Our aims, desires and needs are so big that we fail to look at the smaller moments that make us smile. Also, these may not be available to everyone. Like they say, “It’s important to enjoy the journey too and not only focus on the destination.” These little pleasures will make you feel more alive than anything else ever could. Give them a look and think over how many times you have enjoyed these. We bet you have always!

Appreciate these simple Life Pleasures and life will definitely seem more beautiful.


1A Good Glass of Wine after a hard day at work!

Simple Life Pleasures are in Glass of Wine after work

Source : Here’s What

2A genuine, warm hug from somebody you love!

Simple Life Pleasures are in warm hug

Source : Huffington Post

3When something that was stuck in your teeth all day, finally comes out! Totally, underrated Life Pleasure this one!

Simple Life Pleasures

Source : Imgur

4Sleeping in till late in the mornings!

Simple Life Pleasures in sleeping till late

Source : Mashable

5A sip of chilled water after a scorching day!

Underrated Life pleasure in having chilled water

Source : Miss Malini

6Fresh sheets on the bed!

Fresh sheets on the bed

Source : Cosmopolitan

7The enchanting smell of the mud after the first rain!

Life pleasures in smell of wet sand

Source : Tumblr

8Having a good, hard laugh with your best friends!

Good Laugh with friends

Source : Tumblr

9Taking off your formal office clothes and slipping into your PJs/boxers! Bliss!

Changing your clothes after a long.

Source : Spylight

10An unexpected, sudden kiss from your partner!

Unexpected kiss

Source : Tumblr

11When you manage to make people laugh with your jokes! Rare!

Making People laugh with your jokes

Source : WordPress

12That moment when you see the waiter bringing food to your table at a restaurant! Priceless, right!

Food to your table at a restaurant

Source : ScoopPick

Value these simple Life Pleasures; they aren’t for everyone!



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