Titan Celestial Time Ad Featuring Rajkumar Rao Is Heartwarming


It’s never about the product when it’s titan. It’s always beyond it! Attaching emotional value to ornaments and time is something that the Tata group does wonderfully! The new Titan Celestial Time ad that features Rajkumar Rao is a tribute to the people who play the key inspiration in Startups. India is a booming nation today and start ups have begun defining our generation now. While we are caught up in all of this, we often fail/forget to acknowledge somebody who was our primary inspiration and always stood by us. Titan Celestial Time pays tribute to such people who have motivated us and brought us this far.

It’s also so very refreshing to watch Raj Kumar Rao in such ads. Actors of his league are only seen on the big screen and we don’t get to see them in such ads. After playing the boy-next-door, common man kind of roles, it’s very pleasant to see a suave and smart Raj Kumar Rao in the ad. The ad has appealed a lot to the youth for its start up topic that teaches you to value people who have believed in your dreams. The ad is trending on social media like hot cakes. from Facebook to Twitter, the ad has received immense love from all ends. We must say that the advertising team of Titan is impressing us with every ad. First there was the Katrina Kaif ad on marriage and now this! The brand is gaining immense popularity among youngsters for its trendy designs and powerful ads. We guess if the youth is their target audience, they have got their ads right!

The ad has already received a lot of love and appreciation for its unique and emotional conceptualization and its beautiful connection with time.


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