Valentine Video

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and there is a lot of discussion that focuses on what couples must do and what they are doing already. Amidst all the flowers, cakes, presents and candle light dinners have we pondered upon our idea of a couple? What do we imagine when we see a couple? A guy and a girl, right? But are these the only ones in the world?

This beautiful Valentine video video celebrates love and Valentine’s Day in all its forms. It broadens your horizon and makes you realize why it is important to look at love in its purest form. So what is the purest form a love, you might ask; love that is free and breathing. A love that is not judged by the society, that isn’t asked to be regulated, love that doesn’t require an explanation and that surely doesn’t require the government poking its nose into who it that you are with; that’s the kind of love we are aiming at.

This Valentine video will insist you to look beyond clichés have an open mindset and understand human beings. There is no “law of the nature” that is guiding us here. Love is just love! This is the only video you need to see today! If you can understand this, you are sorted. It is a different thing to love and something else to respect love in all its kinds.

The video will teach you how it is important to respect everyone’s choice instead of branding them. If you are tired of the pink and red rigmarole, this is will inspire you! This Valentine’s Day, let’s not only celebrate love, but also pledge to respect and protect it from anybody that tries to murder it.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Source: BLUSH

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