Mauka Mauka compilation
The mauka mauka compilation


Star Sports’ advertising team is at its creative best this time. Their ‘mauka’ ads are getting interesting and refreshing with every team that India conquers and the word ‘mauka’ seems the new ‘in thing’ when one talks about cricket these days. Apart from the nail biting matches; what is really keeping us entertained are these amazing ads. But, very few know how it actually started and what does the word ‘mauka’ exactly mean (contextually).

Well, Dig To Know is here to clear all your doubts. We bring you a complete compilation of the ‘mauka mauka’ ads till date. It will give you a better idea into understanding the concept behind these ads, catch up on the ones you might have missed and watch all ads in a go. Awesome, right?


So, it all began from here. We saw this man wearing an old Pakistan team jersey and waiting for a ‘mauka’ to burst crackers.

This was followed by an entire history into this man’s life who hails from Karachi. It showed how he has waited all his life for a ‘mauka’ (a chance) to watch Pakistan lift the Cricket World Cup so that he can burst crackers. Well, time has passed, this man has changed and yet no ‘mauka’. And then started a war on the field, India Vs Pakistan, Pakistan had never won a World Cup match against India and India was in no mood to break its record, who’s ‘mauka’? No points for guessing. *winks*


Just when the first match was done, another legendary match India Vs South Africa arrived. Why legendary? Well, just like Pakistan has never won a match against India in the World Cup, India never won a match against South Africa. This was the fourth time India and South Africa entered the field to finish each other. The result? We changed history! It was very aptly put in the ad ‘mauke peh chauka’.

Now our poor guy from Karachi from here on was seen supporting every team scheduled to play against India, so that he could celebrate. From South Africa he shifts to UAE. And it suddenly became the World vs India! Wow!

This one’s our favourite India Vs West Indies. Watch it for yourself!

P.S YepMe, you smart pants! LOL

Oh wait! There’s more. See!

And look how he suddenly favoured us for his country’s benefit. Ha Ha! Finally, everyone comes to us for help!

Quarter finals and Pakistan’s dicey position splendidly explained.

We must say the entire team of Bombay Velvet is very smart! What a time and a moment to release the film’s trailer. Well, we are sure Virat was happy. *naughty smile*

This is absolutely epic! This one brought a big smile on our faces. The Karachi guy ditches Pakistan after its loss and promotes every other country before India. Watch Sajai Mishra. He is the soul of this ad. No crackers in this one, just a splendid dance by everyone to set the right tempo. Big thumbs up!


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