Daniel Radcliffe Turned Receptionist For An Hour And This Happened

Daniel Radcliffe walked into Nylon Office a few days ago and worked as a receptionist for an hour. Daniel Radcliffe Turned Receptionist has been the buzz word since then. The video is not only hilarious; it also gives an insight into how difficult the job is! Daniel definitely had a difficult time at his “new job” to a point when he just got extremely stressed out and frustrated. What we loved was the reactions of the office staff when they noticed Daniel Radcliffe Turned Receptionist in their office. While most wanted to click pictures and chit chat with the Harry Potter star; things starting looking ugly for Daniel when the visitors walked in for their appointments.

It’s so weird to see Daniel do all of this. I mean you almost expect him to put on his glasses and flick a wand in no time and that just doesn’t happen. It’s great to see how actors today are open to go at great lengths to understand the depth of the role that they have signed to play in their upcoming films. Harry Potter series have surely given us fantastic actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Emma and Daniel make their presence felt in the media with either videos likes these or power packed speeches by Emma at the council. Rupert seems to have taken a back seat and seems to be missing out of action ever since. It’s absolute fun to watch Daniel going all red with embarrassment when things took a turn for the worse. Moreover, he was all upbeat for selfies. but when it came to delivering the package he goofed up big time.

Daniel’s expressions are worth checking out throughout the video. Have a look!


Source: NYLON Magazine


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