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Gujarat Board, when will you learn?

Gujarat board exams
Gujarat board exams blunder

Gujarat Board, when will YOU learn?


The level of syllabus and the way exams are tackled by the Gujarat Board has always been a reason for anger and dismay. From an average syllabus that leaves its students nowhere at the national level to the absolute lethargic attitude of the examiners, most Gujarat Board students have been there and tolerated that. A few years back the Gujarat Board tried to bring about a notable change in the 10th standard and 12th standard syllabus and exam pattern which only seemed like a desperate attempt to retain its students as more and more students started opting for CBSE schools. All of that had just fallen into place and most students had finally settled with the new pattern and syllabus; Gujarat Board, true to its nature, bombed this year, AGAIN! And this year’s blunder was not along the lines of the past that could be forgotten. The 12th standard question paper for the subject of Computers was gravity moon steps away from what was taught to the students in school. It didn’t only leave the students confused and shocked, but also extremely devastated and teary at the end of the examination. Parents and students complained about the injustice and the lethargic attitude of the Board and the faculty that was asked to set the paper. “If this is what you wanted to ask us, why didn’t you put it in the syllabus?” was the most common question asked across cities in Gujarat.

The Board, in its attempt to curb the damage and monitor control, announced a re-examination on the 1st of April, 2015. This has angered most students further as they have to sit for an exam again because of the Boards fault. This may be the first time such a decision has been taken by the Gujarat board, but incidents of incorrect questions aren’t new. This sudden announcement has not only killed the moods of the students, but also ruined their vacation plans from general streams. Everyone deserves a second chance, we agree, but why create circumstances wherein one needs to come up with another chance? This is something that Gujarat board needs to figure out very soon. As it is, we don’t hold the kind of impression other state boards hold in the country and this is going to damage things further. As far as the students are concerned, it’s their career after all, so they will take the exam and flourish. Our question is,

“When will you learn from your mistakes, Gujarat Board?



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