The Lost Boobs


Yes this disease hangs around the nook and corner of our existence. Yes a lot has been said and done about it. And yet there is something that doesn’t really click with the crowd. We ignore all efforts made by NGOs and others who try to inform us about breast cancer. Our mentality is simple; it doesn’t happen to us so why must we care. When it happens to someone around us, we sigh and then continue with our lives as if nothing’s happened. It is only when it hits us do we realize how painful it can be. Film-The lost boobs is an attempt to make you realize why it’s wrong to ignore the signs.

What’s more? The short film has a perky sense of humour and is loaded with wits. You won’t even realize that it deals with such a sensitive topic until the end. And in the end it all falls together and will give you jitters. Also, it’s always the women who are asked to be careful and keep checking their bodies after 40 for any signs. But this short film tells you why men must take equal responsibility to do the same for their life partners and check for any untoward signs. The film will enthral you and at the same time will give you an important message.

We loved how the film-the lost boobs has been conceptualized and how the team managed to keep things light while giving a grave message by never stepping over the line. You won’t feel uncomfortable at all. It is a brilliant attempt to make a difference and it must be shared. It’s an eye-opener not just for the women, but for the men as well.

P.S: We loved the guy who played God 😀

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