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Hilarious! Hollywood Dialogues in Gujarati

Hollywood Dialogues in Gujarati
Hollywood Dialogues in Gujarati

Hollywood Dialogues in Gujarati


So, we often watch Hollywood movies in Hindi and laugh our hearts out at the terrible and mind-numbing translations. Bhojpuri films have added another quotient to these films by translating them in Bhojpuri and entertaining us. Now, imagine the same films in Gujarati! It sounds crazy right? Well, crazy is to put it very mildly. TheGujjuGyan  has just managed to that and beyond. These guys have translated the most famous Hollywood dialogues in Gujarati and funny is just an understatement. It really takes a lot of imagination to and a twisted sense of humour to come up with something like this. If you are a Gujarati or understand the language and if this doesn’t light up your day, we don’t know what will.

(Disclaimer: The images and the concept are completely and solely owned by TheGujjuGyan. We do not wish to pass the impression that we own any of these images or helped with the concept or the translations)


1Movie: 300, Dialogue by: King Leonidas,

Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!

hollywood dialogues in gujarati

And 300 just got hilarious! As if Meet The Spartans wasn’t enough already! To take things further, for all we know the Spartans actually carried theplas and undhiyu in lunch boxes in the Gujarati version!

2Movie: Terminator 2 JD, Dialogue by: T-800,

Stay here, I’ll be back

hollywood dialogues in gujarati

Wow! T-800 just became that Gujju friend we all have who makes us wait for ages! And just imagine this dialogue in Arnold’s voice. ROFL!

3Movie: Sixth Sense, Dialogue by: Haley Joel Osment

I see dead people

hollywood dialogues in gujarati

Nailed it! The typical Gujarati touch accompanied by literal translation, hilarious!


4Movie: Apollo 13, Dialogue by: Mission Control Center

Houston we have a problem

hollywood dialogues in gujarati

Ha Ha! Probably every Gujarati can relate to this one. “Daav” is our version of “goof-up”. So aptly used here. Kudos!


5Movie: Lord of the Rings, Dialogue by: Boromir

One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

hollywood dialogues in gujarati

Describing this one is a sin. Just read and laugh till your stomach hurts!


6Movie: The Dark Knight, Dialogue by: Joker

Why so serious?

heath ledger quotes

Sorry Heath Ledger for ruining the epic-ness of your dialogue. On second thoughts, we really aren’t that sorry. *winks*


7Movie: Star Wars, Dialogue by: Dart Vader,

Luke, I am your Father

darth vader quotes

Finally! The legendary “Jo Baka” finds its place in translation and how!


8Movie: Forrest Gump, Dialogue by: Tom Hanks

Life’s a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

forrest gump quotes

Gujaratis and pendas are synonyms! Using that analogy here is absolute brilliance and ridiculously hilarious!

9Movie: Spiderman, Dialogue by: Uncle Ben

With great power comes great Responsibility

spiderman quotes

This is exactly how a Gujarati “kaka” (uncle) would have advised Spiderman. LOL!


10Movie: The Godfather, Dialogue by: Don Corleone

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

godfather quotes

Gujarati businessmen and schemes go hand in hand. Marlon Brando, you cannot escape it!

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