We Found Two Cute Bajrangi Bhaijaan Making Videos Of Salman Khan And Harshaali

If you loved the movie and absolutely adored small wonder Harshali, you are in for a treat here. We found two adorable Bajrangi Bhaijaan Making Videos that are absolutely stunning. The chemistry between the superstar and the cute, little girl is stunning even when the camera isn’t rolling. While one video is all the backstage drama during the shooting of the film; the other is on the photo shoot for the film’s cover. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Making Videos also show how moody Harshali was sometimes and how beautifully Salman Khan managed to entertain her. And if you thought Salman Khan is the star of the film, this video is going to change that opinion forever. It’s Harshali from the word go.

For takes a lot of patience to explain things to such a little girl and get the right expressions from her. This video you exactly how difficult that was. You will find Harshali crying, cribbing and complaining during the shoot and everyone from Kabir Khan to Salman Khan trying to cheer her up. It must have been extremely difficult for a kid of her age to bear such extreme weather, consistent travelling and acting. The video on the photo shoot is ridiculously cute. The poster shoot shows Salman Khan carrying Harshali on his back in the iconic Bajrangi Bhaijaan style. The actor seems to be enjoying the company of the child with all the cute talks and discussion that went on during the shoot.

The video stands testimony to how hard a team works to make a film and how the audience just takes less than 3 hours to voice their verdict. With all the trouble these guys went through, we are glad this one was a hit.



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Source: SalmanKhanFilms

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