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MS Dhoni Movie Teaser Is Here And It Looks Fabulous

MS Dhoni movie teaser
MS Dhoni movie teaser

MS Dhoni Movie Teaser

This is incredible and an absolute treat for Indians and Cricket fans world over. MS Dhoni movie teaser is here and we must say that Sushant Singh Rajput has rocked it. At least the first look is extremely impressive.

It is also the perfect time to launch the teaser considering that all of us are busy cheering Dhoni and his boys for the world cup. This will soon be followed by IPL. It is only going to get better and Dhoni is going to be around reminding us about the film that shows his relentless hardwork.

MS Dhoni movie teaser opens with Sushant Singh Rajput’s voice. He is taking orders from a Railway official. For those of us who might not know, MS Dhoni started his career with the Railways and went on to become “Captain Cool” and the most loved sport star of the country. Dhoni is also one of the producers of the film.

The teaser was released two days back and has received immense love and shares from fans all over. MS Dhoni movie teaser lived up to everyone’s expectations of what the film must look and feel like. The movie is set to hit the screens on the 2nd of September. This is one of those kinds that is going to command a huge viewer ship. There could be a set of audience that doesn’t go to the cinemas very often, but are big Cricket buffs.

Ms Dhoni movie teaser has ushered in the most discussed biography season that seems to be a hit with Bollywood these days. Sushant Singh Rajput has been out of action after Byomkesh Bakshi and it will be very interesting to watch this talented actor enthral us yet again.

Until the film releases, let’s continue watching Dhoni in action on the cricket field and keep cheering!


Source: FoxStarHindi

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