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All of us have big dreams for our big day and quite often a wedding planner ends up being that best friend who understands our desires. Very often, we assume to be the best wedding planners ever! It could be our own, a cousin’s or our best friend’s wedding; we have the tendency to interfere and bring up last minute changes in the plans of a wedding planner. This article highlights everything that a wedding planner wants to tell you and hasn’t been able to. Read carefully!


It is super annoying when your sister/maid of honour interferes with my designs and layout

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When yours or your fiancée’s mother interferes in the rehearsals or rejects things at the last minute; you have no idea how stressful it is for me

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I will go to any lengths to make your dream wedding the most perfect, but you have to trust me that I can

Surat Is The Best City

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Flowers are expensive, period.

Sure best city with best climate

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I am not a therapist

You are single, bcoz love need patience

And yet I care enough to listen to your nervous rants

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Please answer my mails in time for God’s sake

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You get what you pay for

Changing your clothes after a long.

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Don’t expected lilies at the cost of marigolds


Clarify what you expect out of the wedding from the first meeting

Dont irritate Event Manager

The more confused you are; the worst it gets

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Stop devaluing me

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When you start degrading me or my job; I automatically assume that you don’t understand the seriousness of the fact that I am planning your “big day”.

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Service and Tax Charges

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Everything has a service and a tax charge! Stop overlooking those details while picking the menu and blame me later.


If you are a wedding planner, let us know what are the other challenges you face? Share in comments and we will add the points to the list.

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