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This Bihar Politician Pole Dance Video With A Bar Dancer Is Going Viral

Bihar Politician Pole Dance
Bihar Politician Pole Dance

This Bihar Politician Pole Dance Video With A Bar Dancer Is Going Viral

Ashamed, embarrassed but not surprised! There isn’t anything in this video of the Bihar politician pole dance with a young girl that you may find as “new”. We have probably heard or watched these before. Then why publish it? Because now social media is much stronger than what it used to be in the past. Today, we can create the kind of impact that can make a difference and change the system.

We have often heard cheap and indignant comments from politicians every time a woman is raped. From the way a woman must dress to what must she eat; everything has been chalked out by these hypocrites. We’d really like to know what they have to say about this video.

There are also a couple of other reasons we thought this video must be published. This politician from JD(U) has got much more attention with his moves than he’s ever got with his prolonged love affair with the mike. Secondly, he is contesting Bihar elections this time. With those moves sir, we are sincerely hoping you make an impression and increase your fan base.

The Bihar politician pole dance has also attracted a lot of hate messages and trolls over the internet. The video was published my India Today on Facebook and went viral within minutes. While the Bihar politician is flaunting his pole dancing skills before the girl and several other guests; everyone seems to be having a fun time cheering this man.

We are now intrigued to know what does the government have to say about this man. The Bihar politician pole dance video is a living example of why women should not expect the system to protect them.

On a lighter note, the video is funny; especially the end. You cannot miss out on that! It’s the cheery on top!
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