A Hilariously Apt Video On Things Engineers Are Tired Of Hearing

Engineering is no piece of cake and then to hear all those suggestions pouring in and out on what to do next help little. This video on things engineers are tired of hearing is an answer by every Indian on what he/she wants to shout out and say to the family, friends and world at large.

The moment you are done with your engineering, everyone wants you to do an MBA. Why? Because that’s what engineers do! There is no end to suggestions and there is no end to anyone’s frustrations either. This video by Being Indian lists down all the things engineers are tired of hearing. It could range anywhere from what to do next to when will you get married.

Also, for some reason people think that because you are an engineer, you can fix light bulbs and computers. Well, NO! That’s not their job! And then the never ending comparison with the other guy’s package and job! Uff! And why on earth do people think engineers are not good looking? No, seriously! If you don’t believe us you need to watch this video.

This is one video that articulates every single thing an engineering student feels and has not been able to express. We thought it would be a short video, we were wrong. Apparently, there are a zillion things engineers are tired of hearing. If you are an engineer you will relate to this video within minutes, if you aren’t, tag a friend who is an engineer and help him/her vent out all the crap that he/she has been taking for a while now.

After 3 idiots, this is one video all engineers in the country are really going to love and adore.

We know that because…hmmmmm!

Watch the video and you will know what we mean!

P.S: It’s hilarious in a strange way.


Source: BeingIndian

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