Ranveer Singh paying a fan tribute to SRK
Ranveer Singh paying a fan tribute to SRK

Ranveer Singh Paying A Fan Tribute To SRK

This is out and out the best thing you will watch today. Ranveer Singh paying a fan tribute to SRK is incredibly cute. The actor isn’t just expressing his undying love for SRK, but he is the embodiment of everything we have felt for SRK as his fans for all these years.

As FAN is set to release next month what Ranveer has done here to support his senior is all kinds of awesome! Ranveer Singh paying a tribute to SRK has been trending since this morning and has received close to two million views already. Often we have noticed actors supporting each other’s films, but when it comes to Ranveer, expect the unexpected!

The actor has already won our hearts with all his energy and madness. The self proclaimed Bollywood fan has shared with the media off and on that he has grown up watching all the popular stars on screen Needless to say that SRK has been a huge influence in his life. His Fan tribute to SRK is every bit of that adoration for the super star and more.

Ranveer Singh uploaded the video on one of his social media accounts and it has gone viral ever since. All popular website have put up articles on the video that has been enthralling both Ranveer Singh and SRK fans. The cherry on the cake is the end. The moment SRK emerges from behind the poster, it is the “it” moment of the dubsmash.

Ranveer Singh paying a fan tribute to SRK is an absolute must watch for every person who has been a fan of SRK or Ranveer. People are sharing the video like there is no tomorrow. We are wondering if this is the level of Ranveer’s love and commitment for SRK’s film, imagine what he is going to do for his best friend Arjun’s Ki & Ka?

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Posted by Ranveer Singh on Friday, March 11, 2016

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