AIB Video On NASA Diwali Image


The NASA Diwali image is circulated every year by enthusiastic Indians. Everyone’s happy and “proud” that NASA prioritized India’s festival over everything and sends us pictures of our country from space every year! Take a break guys! That’s so NOT the story behind the picture.

NASA diwali image

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AIB (hands down) came up with another brilliant concept for their show AIB on air where they exposed the reality of that NASA Diwali image and explained it’s so messed up when Indians keep sharing it senselessly. Another thing that cropped up from this discussion is the senseless forwards people keep torturing us with on Whatsapp.

Remember those chain messages that are either on religion or India? They begin by cursing you for the next 100 years if you don’t read the entire message; from there on, you just keep wasting about 5 minutes of your day on reading and forwarding those crap messages. If forwarding messages could bring wealth and good luck, India would have been lending money to the U.S.

Coming back to the first half of the video, what is the NASA Diwali image all about? Well, we won’t reveal that. What’s the fun of saying it all out here? Do watch this video. It’s not only so that you can have a good laugh, it’s also because this could be the perfect answer you wanted to give to all those people who keep forwarding senseless messages.

Anchored by Rohan and Tanmay, the video doesn’t have a single bland moment and lives up to everything that you expect out of an AIB video. The NASA Diwali image went so viral that even Virendra Sehwag posted it on Twitter yesterday. Let’s just hope he has watched this video and realizes that it doesn’t represent Diwali.

Source : All India Bakchod

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