What If Candies Had Religion? A Beautiful Social Experiment On Religious Discrimination

Social experiment is one of the hottest trends for Youtube videos today. We have often noticed videos that are based on inequality and abuse against women. This particular social experiment on religious discrimination brings about a different perspective.

The video tries to explore people’s opinions about religion and the people associated with it in the “sweetest” way possible. Who doesn’t like candies? Most of us have beautiful childhood memories attached with them. But how would it be if we are told that every jar of candy represents a particular religion? Does it change or influence our opinions in any way? Do we still look at the candy as a food item or does it mean something more or less to us?

This social experiment on religious discrimination made an attempt to find answers to these questions. The answers have been more than rewarding. It feels great to know that humanity is still alive in this country. Unfortunately certain religious fanatics try to divide us on the name of religion. We hope more such social experiments on religious discrimination are conducted in the future that can bring about a positive attitudinal change.

The experiment targets every age group and presents opinions across ages and genders. It is quite heart warming to see that this country isn’t that divided on religion after all. The common people have a very liberal, open-minded attitude about it. It is only the projection of certain religions done by certain fanatics that influences several to breed prejudiced opinions.

If you are one of those who feel Indians are religiously intolerant this video could actually come as a sigh of relief. It is always blissful to see people talking about humanity and the respect for human life over choosing religion.

Must watch!


Source: Broken Cameras Films

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