Super Catchy Am I Wrong Yeh Duriya Mashup

Am I wrong Yeh Duriya Mashup is the best thing you will hear today! Youtube is overflowing with fantastic music talent these days. First, Chaiyya Chaiyya Michael Jackson Mashup and now this. It’s beautiful, poetic, serene and just absolutely soothing on this hot summery day. Lately this whole trend of Bollywood meets popular western music is catching up with everyone and Am I Wrong Yeh Duriya Mashup is a prime example of that. Shot in the beautiful background of California, this video is not only good to watch, but also to hear. If you have followed VidyaVox, you know how talented she is and for how long she has been popularizing these kinds of mashups. There are several who do a “reprised version’ of original songs, but Vidya has a very different style and agenda. She merges two songs representing two very separate cultures and makes it work. Her songs are a happy marriage in music. Her work just goes out to show how music binds people across countries and cultures and one can always find a common point between two different songs. We have loved an appreciated all her songs by far, but there is something uniquely different about this Am I Wrong Yeh Duriya Mashup. It’s definitely one of those English-Hindi Mashups that must be a part of your music library. Sometimes, it’s quite surprising to see the amount of talent and creativity people have. And youtube has turned out to be one of the best places where all of us can get a glimpse of it. Who would have thought Am I Wrong and Yeh Duriya could be happily married like this? This is one song/video you must not miss at any cost. It’s creative, beautifully composed and aesthetically shot. Have a look and you will know what we mean.


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