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AIB Honest Indian Weddings are the Best Videos to Watch Today

Indian Weddings
Honest Indian Weddings

AIB Honest Indian Weddings are the Best Videos to Watch Today

AIB is back and how! First the Net Neutrality video; now this mind blowing, sarcastic portrayal on the shallow and pretentious attitude of families, meeting for an arranged marriage. AIB has gone a step forward each time with their every video. This one is hilarious, but also such a big eye opener at the hollow practices of our society and its concept of marriage/weddings, it will shake you up big time! From how the meeting begins, to the “talk between the children”, to the shopping and catering, AIB manages to knock down every aspect of an Indian Wedding with such panache, it’s incredible! We appreciate this all the more because it’s high time we realize how weddings in India have become more like a market where people are selling their son’s qualifications and their daughter’s virginity as a product. May be this doesn’t happen around you, but that doesn’t mean it’s absent. The detailing in the video is something we really enjoyed. For instance, they actually renamed mehendi as “sanskari tattoo” LOL! Have a look at the first part!



Settled? Stomach is hurting, right? Brace yourself; the second part of this fantastic video by AIB will totally knock you out! Check out the way the catering staff introduces the dishes to the people. Absolutely hilarious and sarcastic! Every single element from the dadis and nanis looking for grooms to the poor couple that keeps smiling on the stage; everything is so apt and hilarious! AIB has been criticized to the core and if you were one of those people, this video will surely change your opinion about them. Seems like all the time they were quiet after the knock out has been spent well on conceptualizing these brilliant videos! Waiting for many more videos from you guys! Keep it going!

Here’s part two. Great job, AIB! Big thumbs up!


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