It’s been over a decade since F.R.I.E.N.D.S came to an end, but that was only for the television. Fans and loyalists across the globe keep this series alive by watching it over and over again and writing about it. Joey undoubtedly is one of the most loved characters from the series. Food and Sex are the first two things that come to our mind when somebody mentions him. It’s not a surprise if we said he is an amazing friend. Everybody knows that, nothing new. Well, what’s most touching is the way he has always been there for the girls. There are seven times when Joey was so cool and cute that one cannot help but fall in love with him all over again. Have a look!


1Remember Mr. Treeger makes Rachel cry and Joey goes over to his place to have a word with him, wasn’t that something every girl would love. He even agrees to be Mr. Treeger’s ballroom dancing partner so that Rachel and Monica aren’t thrown out of the apartment. Sweet!

Rachel and Monica


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joey friends

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2 That time when Phoebe is upset when she is told by her twin sister that they haven’t turned thirty but thirty-one that year. She cribs about how she never had a perfect kiss and wanted one before she turned thirty one. Joey steps up and gives her that kiss and brings an instant smile to her face. Awwww! We are so jealous of Phoebe!

Joey and Phoebe Kiss


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3Remember how he was there for Monica after she broke up with Richard and wanted a baby. Joey and his hugs should be made universal!

joey friends

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4Monica could be the best cook and host, but she stood no chance when it came to Joey’s apartment. He was the coolest! You could drop noodles there, throw wet paper towels on the walls and ooh! Play drums! Phoebe and Rachel practically fought with each other to stay at his place when their apartment burnt down.

Rachael and joey playing drums


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5Joey was the sweetest when he took Rachel out on a date when she was pregnant and missed dating. The flowers, the food and the fun chats, we could watch it over and over again. Only for you Joey! You are every girl’s darling!

Rachael and joey Romance


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6When Joey misunderstands Phoebe to be pregnant, he proposes her because he doesn’t want his best friend to be a struggling single mother. Later, when he is told that it’s not Phoebe but Rachel who is pregnant, he proposes her too. How is he so cute and thoughtful?!

Joey phoebe

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joey rachel

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7That time when Rachel’s sister taunts him about his weight when he’s having a pizza and yet he agrees to be nice to her on Rachel’s request. Very few would do that!


I'm Curvy and i like it
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So that’s our take on Joey and the amazing friend he is. If you think we have missed any, please comment and share your thoughts with us.

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