Make Way For Aishwarya Rai With Jazbaa Official Trailer; It’s Amazeballs

Here she is! We don’t really believe in comebacks because actors like Aishwarya never really leave. She is here to enthrall us yet again with a brand new film. Jazbaa Official Trailer offers way more surprises than we thought it would. For starters it has Aishwarya Rai, then there is Irrfan (Oh Ya!) and Jackie Shroff! The highlight of the film is definitely the script. For all those Aishwarya bashers who judged her for being fat; watch Jazbaa Official trailer and you will get your answer.

After all the controversy and endless, time consuming gossip based discussions on Aishwarya Rai’s weight; she has managed to silence all her haters at one go with this film’s trailer. She looks like a million bucks and doesn’t seem a year older! Unlike several other actresses in her league who want to feature as “college girls” in a film, Aishwarya ahs accepted aging gracefully and seems extremely comfortable portraying the character of a single mother to a rather grown up kid in the film. It’s a clear indication to the industry that the actress is here to stay. She knows what suits her the best and we will surely witness a certain change in the kind of roles she plays from now on. We wish she taught this to Abhishek too! Such a talented actor wasted! We aren’t giving Irrfan’s acting and dedication to his role another thought. We know both of these actors are a power house of performance and will deliver beyond what’s expected out of them. It’s been a while since we saw a good thriller. We are hoping Jazbaa can live up to the expectations. We know everyone’s put Aishwarya Rai under the microscope here.

It’s surely going to be one heck of a thriller and we cannot wait for October 9th any longer. Have a look!



Source: Essel Vision

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