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Deepika Padukone Thanks her Mom in Tanishq Ad

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone Tanishq

Deepika Padukone Thanks her Mom in Tanishq Ad

A lot of rumours were doing the rounds lately that Deepika Padukone is now the new ambassador of Tanishq. The reports were confirmed later. We all waited with bated breath for the Golden Girl of Bollywood to charm all of us with this new project. All we would like to say is that Deepika has gone miles ahead from what we had expected. This is not just an ad that show cases Tanishq’s beautiful diamond jewellery, it speaks volumes about what mothers are for their daughters. Amidst the glamour and the limelight Deepika Padukone lives under, is this simple, little girl who loves her mother the most. The Ad looks a lot more personalized as Deepika’s mother is a part of the Ad as well. After Deepika’s recent confession on being depressed, this is her mother’s second and commercially the first appearance on television. The little details, the look, the music, heart warming description and the beautiful feel it gives the audience at the end of this Ad are absolutely A grade. Tanishq has always had a set of very creative advertisers, but when a celebrity like Deepika Padukone is involved in a project like this, the stakes and the expectations are soaring high. They don’t only have to present the actress in a fresh look but also take care of the brand Deepika Padukone is today. That’s a pretty tight rope to walk on and they did it without any hiccups. The ad is already creating ripples on the internet what with Mother’s Day approaching soon. Everyone knew Deepika has been signed in for Tanishq, but no one expected this to n=be the first ad in the instalment. This Ad will surely make you ditch everything and give a tight hug to your mother. It’s important to thank your mother from time to tie for everything she has done for you. Have a look.


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