Deepika Padukone Misquoted By A Newspaper


In what only seems like an obvious desperate attempt to gain more viewership, a Gujarati newspaper twisted Deepika Padukone’s quote to its own liking. The quote was on Ranveer Singh. Deepika Padukone misquoted by the newspaper is a clear example of the level at which media stoops to sometimes to gain more mileage. It’s no surprise therefore that in these competitive times, celebrities often find themselves as the victims of the “media house supremacy race”.

Deepika Padukone’s interview was published by a leading newspaper yesterday and the same interview was published by another newspaper with a different headline.


The Gujarati (regional) newspaper’s headline translates into,

“I can be naked before Ranveer Singh.”

Deepika Padukone Misquoted By A Nav gujarat Newspaper


The original quote published by the English newspaper said,

“I could be naked in front of Ranveer…and I know he will never hurt me.”

Deepika Padukone Interview in Times of India

See the difference? Deepika Padukone misquoted by the paper may lead to an argument as to whether it is against journalism ethics or not? Reporting somebody’s words partially in order to create sensationalism is not the kind of journalism we appreciate.

Yes, the quote is partially correct if one only focuses on the words. But what about the context? It changes the meaning in context here. Plus, it is a regional newspaper. It definitely has more buyers.

We are assuming that actors are probably used to and immune to all of these flashy, INCORRECT headlines that are made out of their words. But as readers, this is a big lesson for all of us. We were lucky to encounter two newspapers with similar images, but vividly different quotes. It reinforces our belief as to why the media cannot be trusted in its entirety. Today it is Deepika Padukone misquoted, tomorrow we might have to say Prime Minister misquoted.

Don’t let the media form your opinions. Read. Read a lot. And then form your own opinions independent of all influences.

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