Home News Tamnath: The Cleanest Village In India, No Sarcasm Intended!

Tamnath: The Cleanest Village In India, No Sarcasm Intended!

Tamnath: The Cleanest Village In India
Cleanest Village Tamnath

Tamnath: The Cleanest Village In India


While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy promoting his brain child campaign ‘Svatch Bharat Abhiyaan’, there is a village in the country that didn’t need to be told what to do. Rather, Mr. Modi could actually use this village and its people as the true ambassadors for projecting exemplary cleanliness, thoughtful water storage and smart waste management that can actually put the city’s people to shame for being reckless and shoving huge amounts of dumps at its outskirts. The village’s name is Tamnath and it is located near Karjat in Maharashtra. The village is a shining example of what we all can do if we join hands and use our resources responsibly.

The story was first published by a site named The Better India. It runs a section named My Story that has its readers publish happy stories about their experiences in India. One of the readers stumbled upon this village by chance in hunt for a location for an ad film. He sent over this fabulous story and it was published.

This is just such a boost for every village in the country. A primary lesson we have learnt from the village is that “You have to be the change”; there is no point in relying on anyone else. The people of Tamnath who took up the responsibility of cleanliness independent of the government helping them or not. This is exactly the kind of attitude we need from every Indian. Once we all take up the responsibility of keeping everything clean; no force can stop us!

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Beautiful! Looks like the village gets a shower everyday!

Tamnath Cleanest village


 If the road was this clean right outside every Indian’s house, we would have been a different story today.

 Tamnath Cleanest village


Well organized, well maintained and spell bounding.

Tamnath Cleanest village


Cleanliness begins at home’, we are told. Well, they executed it and how!

Tamnath cleanest village


The ‘Wall of Shame’. Any villager, who doesn’t have a toilet at home and defecates in the open, finds his/her name here. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

Tamnath cleanest village

‘Hands Down’, this is the best village we have come across in the country. If you want to read the entire story you can find it at TheBetterIndia.

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