20 kgs Plastic Found in Bull’s Body


Who is responsible? 20 kgs Plastic Found in Bull’s Body is a video that won’t only shock you but also make you realize how insanely selfish and careless the human race has become. This bull was ill for a long time and no one cared. At least not until this group decided to operate it and cure it. What happened during the surgery is not only shocking but also extremely painful. You will wish that the plastic stops pouring out of its body and its pain ends. The end result, 20 kgs Plastic Found in Bull’s Body and finally it received the kind of love and recovery it deserved. Well, that’s only one bull that was lucky enough to get rescued, what about the several other animals that are ill and/or have died for the same reason? 20 kgs Plastic Found in Bull’s Body is a video with a grave message for all of us. We really need to stop littering and control our use of plastic. Thank God for such NGOs that work for animals and rescue them at the right time.

If that much plastic made the cow this sick; imagine what happens to most of us who store our foods in plastic bags! The cow’s plight is a testimony of what kid of citizens we are. our carelessness doesn’t only harm the animals, but can create serious health problems for all of us. The video went viral on social media platforms instantly and has created a lot of awareness among the citizens. For India cow is a holy animal and see what we dump into their bodies and several other animals!

This is a serious wake up call for all of us. Let’s try and curb the use of plastic wherever possible. This is the only way we can ensure better health for ourselves and for the animals.


Source : Animal Aid Unlimited, India

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