Bold Is Beautiful By Anouk For Myntra Is Surprising Every Time!

Just last week we published an ad Bold Is Beautiful By Anouk about two women who are in love. The subtle mix of a clothing brand with ‘out there bold in your face’ kind of attitude really struck a chord with most people supporting gay rights. We thought Bold Is Beautiful By Anouk ends here, but we were wrong. This ad is going to put a smile on every woman’s face. The ad doesn’t seem pretentious at all because they take real life situations that immediately connect with the audience. Bold Is Beautiful is really crawling up on our hit list with its innovative marketing and presentation techniques. Never has it highlighted the clothes in an obvious way, what it has done is associated boldness with the attire and that has made all the difference.

It’s one of those times when an a has out rightly addressed the issues on woman harassment and made a difference. Check out how they have used “red lipstick” here. for some reason, several people in the society seem to think that a woman who wears a red lipstick is open and “available”. Probably that’s what the guy assumed when he started talking lewdly with the woman in the ad. It shows how judgemental our society is and also how women are breaking clichés, wearing what they want, speaking their mind and learning to defend themselves. the ad is not about how men are. it’s about how women are self sufficient and bold enough to defend themselves. It goes out to show how women refuse to get abused and cry in a corner. That they speak out and let the world know when someone’s misbehaving with them. We don’t really know if you will ever get to see the ad on television. Watch it right here!

Wonderful! Must watch for every woman!


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