This Harry Potter Trio First Screen Test


For the first time we regret they are all grown up today! You will feel the same after you watch this nothing short of epic Harry Potter trio first screen test. They are cute, adorable and everything sublime! It begins with Daniel Radcliffe’s screen test with and without those iconic specs. It’s awe-inspiring to say the least!

Next is the popular Harry Potter trio at the first screen test all together. Emma kick starts in a moment after action and we must say this girl lead like a boss back then! Rupert Grint as the goofy Ronal Weasley is just something you don’t want to miss. The world thanks J.K Rowling for the novels today. After watching this video you will probably thank her and the entire team of the film even more for picking up these gems.

No matter where these actors are today doing what they do, they are entrenched in our memory as Hermione, Ron and Harry. Nobody can take that away from us! Harry Potter trio first screen test has been trending the minute it was uploaded on Youtube.

It has been the hot topic of discussion among fans and has been shared across all social media platforms. Whether you are a Potterhead or not; you absolutely cannot miss this epic video! It has been quite a while since this video was uploaded, but it has been breaking the internet lately for reasons unknown.

If you haven’t watched this one before, you can thank us later. If you have, well, there is no harm in watching this again, right? It isn’t every day that one comes across such Harry Potter trio first screen test videos. You could probably find several others, but the first time is always special, no?


Source: Source for Emma Watson Videos

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