Overused Words In 2015


So everyone’s out there putting a list of movies in 2016, Google search list this year (shoot we have done these things too!). We thought why not also bring you something hilarious and creative! Presenting a hilarious list of overused words in 2015! Hell ya! Now that is something, isn’t it? If you are still wondering what kind of words we are referring to; you will find out soon. The internet has used insane hashtags and words to trend thing over the internet this year. Some of these overused words in 2015 have also managed to make their place in our vocabulary. Yes, yes English has been killed long ago. From Bollywood to Hollywood and from Game of Thrones to relationships, words over the internet haven’t only been amusing, but also quite annoying sometimes. Some of these will make you laugh out loud, we promise you that!

The creative genius behind these images is Chandu Mishra, a designer with Fireflydaily.com. Brilliant job, you guys! While everyone’s obsessing over insane lists of 2015; you guys managed to bring in immense creativity and research in making these. Thumbs up!

Here’s presenting an insanely awesome list of overused words in 2015!


The Khans taught this one to the entire nation, no?

Overused Words In 2015


The nation always wants to know!

Your Take on this Arnab Goshwami


That rant we all hear

Be lIke Meaning Overused Words In 2015


The new “it”

Bae Meaning


Ah! Only if we could travel that much!

Modis Visit all around the world


This man, ALWAYS!

Trolled Meaning


RIP English! The language did die a long time ago!

Instamood on Instagram


This will always trend like hell; put something random on the series with this and see!

Winter is coming



AF meaning


This we are most depressed about

What is Thug lIfe





Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Beef Ban, movie ban


Guys too!

Selfie Stick Meaning


Salman, we blame you!

aaYoo Paayoo



You Know Nothing Jon Snow


Do you think we have missed out on any overused words in 2015? Write to us!

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