Ahalya; An Epic 14 Minutes Thriller By Sujoy Ghosh

Youtube uploaded Ahalya last night and it has been roaring since then. Sujoy Ghosh; best known for his edge of the seat thriller Kahani starring Vidya Balan, is a genius. If you are under any doubts; watch Ahalya and you will know that we are right! The 14 minutes short thriller stars Radhika Apte as one of the leads; she is uncanny and mesmerizing like always! The film opens with a cop named Indra Sen visiting a house for an investigation. What happens next will haunt you for a really long time. Kuddos,  Sujoy Ghosh!

If you still haven’t fallen for Radhika Apte, you will after watching this film. This girl is here to stay, she’s already made her presence felt and is climbing the ladder to success and fame very fast. Sujoy Ghosh who came under the spotlight after the big success of Kahani is known to be busy with Kahani 2 currently. We have no idea as to when did he find the time to script and shoot this film. All we know is that you need to watch the film to realize what a genius this man is and how the element of suspense and horror is open to interpretation and experiments. Ghosh’s perspective of horror is a heady mix with mythology. He has drawn inspiration from an incident that happened in Ramayana and used it to create horror through Ahalya. It’s crisply edited and smartly narrated. You wouldn’t doubt any of the characters initially until things take a turn for the worse. It takes about another two minutes to digest everything that you just saw on screen. Once that’s done, all you will feel like doing is getting on your feet and applauding Ghosh.

Ahalya must not be missed under any circumstances.


Source: LargeShortFilms

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