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This Beautiful Tanishq Diwali Ad Featuring Deepika And Her Parents Is The Sweetest Thing On The Internet

Tanishq Diwali Ad
Tanishq Diwali Ad

Tanishq Diwali Ad Featuring Deepika 


Tanishq never fails to surprise us! First we saw the Mother’s Day ad featuring Deepika and her mother. Now it’s the Tanishq Diwali ad featuring Deepika and her parents and it’s going to melt your hearts faster than ice-cream melts in the heat.

It’s beautiful, heartwarming and just what you need to set you in the mood for the festive season. The Padukone family has rarely been a part of the limelight until lately when Deepika and her mother took to Tanishq’s ad. Now it’s the girl with her parents! We must say that the actress’ family has made some grand and emotional debue on television. The Tanishq Diwali ad tells you how it’s all the same every year and yet it’s so special and unique. It’s the monotony that we question and Tanishq tells you exactly why it’s the monotony that must be cherished and celebrated. It’s not just an ad that projects the practices of every house during Diwali, it shows you how the Indian culture is all about getting together and celebrating happiness.

The script, the delivery, Deepika, her parents and ultimately the gorgeous neck piece; that’s a lot of goodness packed in one ad for all of us. Tanishq has definitely invested in getting a brilliant PR and a marketing team. It’s easy and yet so difficult to emotionalize gold and these guys seem to be doing it right effortlessly.

Divyam by Tansihq is just not something that only appeals to women; it appeals to families. Tanishq Diwali ad is not just about purchasing gold in festive seasons, it’s about celebrating the emotions attached after every little gift that we are given on these days. We really want to se more of Deepika and her parents on screen.

This is the sweetest ad yet.


Source: TanishqJewellery

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