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Hilarious Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood Movies

Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood Movies
Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood

Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood Movies


First up, Oye Teri  big thumbs up! We haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! We often imagine how Hollywood Movies sound like in Hindi Bollywood style, but you guys took it notches higher by what you have done. Adding Bollywood songs and dialogues to Hollywood movie scenes and characters is just absolutely commendable. Not only does it require a twisted mind but also a very creative team to mix up Bollywood and Hollywood like this. It is so simple and yet so apt, it leaves you in splits and just makes you grin all day. The concept takes you aback for a moment because the general tendency is to judge and/or assume what it could be. When you do actually look at it; it’s something you could have never imagined. From Leonardo de Caprio to Hulk, everyone has been targeted and how! For those of you who think Hollywood is more entertaining than Bollywood, have a look at this one! It will show you how Bollywood can actually add more colours, variety and an absolute crazy sense of humour to English films. The picture album published on the 30th of April, 2015, has already won the hearts of Indians all around. Not only this, they also have certain pictures wherein they have put Hollywood dialogues in Bollywood movie scenes. Some of them are absolute epic and will literally change the way you see your Superheroes or favourite actors from the West. Several attempts have been made by others to do something several and they have failed miserably. Have a look!


Gujjus must be so happy!

Sherlock Holmes Dandiya - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood

Ever imagined Robert Downey Jr. in a Bollywood song like this! *cheeks hurt with the laughing*

Robert Downey Jr Sawar lu - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood

Ha Ha Ha! Nailed it!

Yeh haseen waadiya - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood


Ashleel Lauda - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood

Why only rip off Hollywood! *khi khi*

Gulaabi aankhein - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood

Oh Loki! *ROFL*

Loki Surkshit kaale mere Baal - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood


Muskurane ke wajah tum - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood

This Bollywood song has been sung for Superman for the longest!

Superman Lal Duppatte wali - Bollywood Reactions to Hollywood

Epic Bollywood dialogue!

smigel says Beta tumne meri aankhein khol di

Wolverine, here that?!

Wolverine dabangg Dialogue

Arnold actually looks like a Bollywood baddie in this one!

Terminator saying chup chap ladki ko hawale kardo

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! *pauses for breath* Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Harry potter the real Teja

Aamir Khan taught Voldemort too!

Aamir Khan teaching voldemort about kiss

One more!

Superman Salman ka fan

Christ! Ha Ha!

Iron man dancing on tunak tunak tun


King leonidas sings pyaar main suada nahin

We feel your pain Leo!

Lenardo Dicaprio - Titanic wala hero

Lack of vocabulary to describe this! Saved the best one for the last!

Hulk sings humpe ye kisne hara rang daala


(All images completely belong to Oye Teri [Official] [Facebook])

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