Game Of Thrones Season 6 New Trailer

HBO needs big thumbs up from all of us. Of all the seasons in the past, their promotional strategy for Game of Thrones season 6 has been the best. This Game of Thrones season 6 new trailer is everything that we were craving for and a lot more that we didn’t know is on the way.

And while the world is busy watching the trailer over and over again, there are a couple of things we really need to discuss right now. If you watch Game of Thrones season 6 new trailer carefully you will be able to notice the details that we are about to discuss here.

  • The first being that Jaime is back and definitely plans to avenge the death of his daughter and the humiliation his sister-lover was put through in his absence.
  • Secondly, Sansa is really in charge now. She owns the Stark show and how! We are absolutely excited to see her in action finally!
  • Ser Jorah’s greyscale is getting from bad to worse and we have no idea what’s going to be the end of it. We sincerely hope there is some cure for that.
  • Ser Davos definitely looks like he is on team Stark; which means Sansa has a good advisor by her side as well.
  • The Tyrells and Lannisters are still in the same team
  • There is now another Red woman (this is going to be the talking point for days)
  • There still isn’t an update about Jon Snow’s fate
  • The three-eyed Raven is out from the tree in the open
  • The Mountain is going to shed A LOT OF BLOOD
  • The Dothrakis are stripping Dany naked
  • We get to see a lot more from The Tower of Joy

Needless to say Game of Thrones season 6 new trailer is trending all over social media for obvious reasons. There is so much in the trailer that we probably knew and loads more that could probably answer and raise a lot of questions. This one’s going to be epic!

Source: Game Of Thrones

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