How Much A Beggar Earns? A DU Graduate Became A Beggar For A Day And The Money He Made Is Crazy

 Begging such a common thing in our country today that it has turned into a profession. While most of us give money to the beggars out of pity or a need to help; we aren’t really sure of how much a beggar earns. This video got a BPO working Delhi University graduate turning into a beggar for a day. The amount he earned will make you want to quit your job and become a beggar too.

It’s so ironical that most of us spend our time, childhood and adulthood to ensure that we get a well paying job and then videos like these come across and mock us. Obviously it’s not meant to put another profession down or dampen anyone’s spirit, but given the way everyone keeps paying beggars and funding them, it’s quite shocking to see the end result. The moment this video started trending on social media, several youngsters joked on how they would rather become beggars than work as a slave under someone for a salary. This is the absolute shocker that we all have witnessed. It’s going to make you laugh out of sheer frustration. We aren’t supporting begging in any way. there are some who have suffered immensely and don’t really have a job. But what about the ones who are physically fit but take up begging because they are lazy? This video will get you to ponder along these lines and analyse before you randomly pay any beggar who could have rather taken up a little job somewhere, but doesn’t want to because, well, begging pays a lot!

Most of us are actually funding these guys for all the wrong reasons. How much a beggar earns; if this is the question that you have asked often, here’s the answer!


Source: Indi Viral

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